License and Credits

The contents of the SaferJourno guide are released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

  • Guide written by Ela Stapley and Nikita Mazurov
  • Guide edited by Łukasz Król and Ashley Fowler
  • Website designed and developed by Ura Design

SaferJourno was a true team effort. We extend our particular thanks to Ela Stapley and Nikita Mazurov who worked together to plan and write this version. We are also immensely grateful to all our reviewers who remained undaunted when we sent them over a hundred pages of text and asked for suggestions, with a particular shout out to Yael Grauer for the incredible thorough read-through and dozens upon dozens of wonderful comments!

Thanks go to the Protecting Global Rights through Sustainable Solutions (PROGRESS) Consortium, who funded this project through the Human Rights Support Mechanism, and especially to Freedom House who made sure that this cooperation was as smooth as possible. We would also like to thank our Internet Freedom and Resilience (IFR) team at Internews for their support as we advanced this project.

Writing and editing is one thing. Sharing it with the world is quite another endeavour. We would like to thank Elio Qoshi, Anxelo Lushka, and the whole team at Ura Design for designing and building this guide’s new website!

This version of SaferJourno would never have happened if not for the first guide which launched a decade ago and quickly became the journalism digital safety guide. Our thanks go to Manisha Aryal and Dylan Jones, the authors of the original SaferJourno, as well as all who contributed and provided feedback for it.

There exists a beautiful world in which thoughts about dinners, meadows, and mountains take priority over dilemmas on how to frame encryption or HTTPS. We thank our families, friends, and pets for reminding us of it!

Ashley Fowler, Senior Manager of Internet Freedom & Resilience, Internews
Łukasz Król, Journalist Security Specialist, Internews